Tiktok ban in Pakistan

Tiktok Ban in Pakistan for the 4th Time for Immoral Content

Pakistan bans TikTok for the 4th time, citing inappropriate content. It is the fourth time that Pakistan has banned TikTok. It is due to the explicit content on the app as nudity and vulgarity. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority says that most of the TikTok content has “Pornographic” videos. They are also illegal according to Pakistani law. So, it wanted to be proactive about stopping any more violations from happening. So, they shut down all access to TikTok within their borders. Overall many people think that the TikTok ban in Pakistan is a good decision.


Previous Tiktok Bans

The first ban occurred on October 9, 2020. The PTA prohibited the app throughout the nation because it promoted “unethical material.” Activists, users, and human rights groups slammed the restriction on social media and mainstream media. Moreover, they claim that it violated citizens’ fundamental human rights. PTA removed the restriction after only ten days, claiming that the app had guaranteed the agency to review the videos in line with local regulations.

2nd Tiktok Ban in Pakistan

The Peshawar High Court banned the app for the second time on March 11, 2021, citing worries over “immoral material.” The orders were by PHC Chief Justice, who was hearing a petition seeking to prohibit Tiktok. He stated that the videos posted on the site were “not suitable for Pakistani culture.” The prohibition was removed by the PHC on April 1, 2021. Moreover, the court ordered the PTA to prevent similar content from being published to the site in the future. The PTA’s Director General (DG) went on to say that the authority had raised the matter with the firm and that the platform has designated a content policy focal point who would oversee any inappropriate information on the site.

The Sindh High Court (SHC) ordered the PTA to stop TikTok access in the nation in June 2021 for “promoting immorality and vulgarity.” Three days after issuing the order, the court lifted the suspension.

Tiktok ban in Pakistan

Steps to Prevent Vulgarity on Tiktok

The court stated that it does not support the Tiktok ban in Pakistan but to see a mechanism to prevent uploading obscene material. In May 2021, the PHC was informed that TikTok had blocked over eight million offensive videos and around 400,000 accounts for posting the videos in the nation. Moreover, PTA’s lawyer and its technical director informed CJ Qaiser Rashid Khan and Justice Syed Arshad Ali that the authority had doubled the number of “moderators” across the nation from 116 to 476 to monitor inappropriate and obscene content submitted on the app.


Recent Tiktok Ban in Pakistan

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority announced the banning on Wednesday, under applicable sections of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016.

  1. Pakistan has banned Tiktok for the 4th time
  2. The first ban was in November of 2018 and lasted 3 months
  3. The second ban was in March of 2019 and lasted 5 days
  4. This latest ban is indefinite. It can be permanent or temporary depending on how much longer they decide to keep the app unavailable
  5. Tiktok is a social media app that allows users to share short videos
  6. There are different types of videos on Tiktok, some more risque than others but harmless fun most of the time.
  7. However, it’s unclear how much control the Pakistani government has over social media sites like Tiktok
  8. It seems that they are more interested in banning something than actually enforcing any laws or regulations against immoral content and unethical behavior.

Final Thoughts

Pakistan has banned Tiktok for the 4th time. This latest ban can be indefinite. The first three bans have been 3 months, 5 days, and 3 days. Now, it is not available to download in any app store or online. This new ban comes after reports of violent videos on the platform to incite sectarian hatred. It’s unclear if this most recent TikTok ban will last a few weeks or indefinitely. They will decide how long to keep the app unavailable. What do you think about this Tiktok ban in Pakistan? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section below!