Islamic Education Aims

Islamic Education Aims, Objectives, History, and Purpose

Whenever we talk about Islam, it’s imperative to consider the Islamic education aims and objectives. What is Education? Education is the word which means three “C”. What are these three C..?

Character, Confidence, and creativity.

If you are learning three C from anywhere, it means you are getting an education. So, every work or social activity has particular aims and objectives. The same as Islam also gives us three “C”. The aims and objectives of education change with time in the same society. Let’s walk through the importance of education as well as the basic aims and objectives of Islamic education.

Importance of Education In Islam

Islam gives us such knowledge that has no limit. Islamic education aims are twofold. It gives us intellectual knowledge through a specific reason and logic. As the faith spread among different people, education becomes an important part of our life. The importance of Education has been shown to the whole world many centuries ago in different ways. Every culture, every religion has its faith and Islam also has, and also the education of Islam reveals the secret of life.

Islamic Education Aims

Islam looks like a powerful and spirit-like religion that is different from other religions of the world. Islam wants a very hard-handed and strenuous person in society. Islamic education enables a person to have a piece of basic information about Islam. Islamic education creates a great love in the heart of Muslims for Islam. It also enables Muslims to be ready for all kinds of sacrifices for Islam.

Basic Islamic Education Aims

A lot of imperative aims and objectives of Islamic education are available and no one can deny them. But, the main objectives of Islamic education for most important and an extended social group having a distinctive cultural and economic organization.

  1. The first and foremost basic aim of Islamic education is to enable a Muslim to have a piece of basic information about Islam. And also considering that how we live an honorable life that is completely according to the rules and regulations of Islam.
  2. One of the important aims of Islamic education is to develop a spirit of fraternity and amity among equal and luxurious life in society.
  3. If we talk about an individual then Islamic education aims to induce a person which knows how to balance religion and social activity.
  4. Moreover, one of the basic purposes is to create a good citizen. Education helps man for the benefits of society. Islamic education develops some social qualities in a person.
  5. One of the aims is to tell a person about his/her duty and rights in society.
  6. Education is to lead a person toward a conscionable way.
  7. Education is one of the might full tools through which we can change the social-political and religious setup. So, the aim of Islamic education to help us in the changing of wrong thinking about religion.
  8. Another aim is to inculcate the value of adoration, attachment, liberty.