German Shepherd

Interesting Facts to Know about the German Shepherds

German shepherds, also known as Alsatian wolf dog, are big dogs. They need a lot of space to live and reproduce. They belong to the breeding group and are known as the second most popular breed in the USA after the Labrador Retriever. Their puppies will not suit you if you live in a small apartment without a garden because they need a lot of movement and exercise to stay fit and healthy.

In this article, I will tell you all the facts about a German Shepherd that you do not know, and in fact, you should know before adopting a German Shepherd.

Interesting Facts about the German Shepherds

Here is a complete list of interesting facts about this special dog breed:

1. World War I Brought German Shepherds to the West

German shepherds were better known as guard dogs. They also proved to be very useful during the First World War. These support dogs gave first aid to wounded soldiers after the battle and stopped near mortally wounded soldiers to keep them company when they died. Others worked as messengers or guard dogs. The Americans then became very fascinated by their nature and their thoughts and took them home.

2. America Loves Them

Alsatian wolf dogs rank as the second most popular dog breed in the country in 2014, according to the Kennel Club of the United States. But in big cities like Miami and Nashville, they were also number one.

3. They are Smart

The German Shepherd is the smartest and wisest dog breed because they adapt to the environment and mix easily after a little practice. Breeders have introduced a new intelligence test that they can check and determine the dog’s cunning and sharpness.

4. Dwarfism in the Alsatian Wolf Dogs

In rare but specific cases, German shepherds may have pituitary adenoma. As a result, these dogs look like a puppy forever, keep the puppy’s fur, and remain small in growth. Although some people love the figure and body, dwarfism causes these powerful dogs to die prematurely.

5. Alsatian Wolf Dogs as Great Actors

In the mid-1980s, a Dutch director Whim Schipper developed a play with six German Shepherds. These dogs were sent to Amsterdam for acting training and treated as an incentive. The play contained a traditional family act called Going to the Dogs, and in this play, a girl takes home a new friend, and her parents’ love, jealousy, and worries come into play.

They have a great history. People love to have it in the family as pets. If you know some other interesting facts about this dog breed, share them in the comment box. If you want any other information about German Shepherds, feel free to ask.


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