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Coronavirus: Rumors, Fears and the Death Toll in Pakistan

To date, the Coronavirus-19 is as deadly as some originally feared, with more than 7,000 dead. The frequency of new cases and new deaths are the highest. Doctors say that the intensive care units at many large hospitals are reaching capacity.

Amid Surge in Coronavirus Cases | Second Wave

Officials admit that some hospitals are full, but insist that a large number of beds are still available elsewhere and make it known to the public where they are during the construction of new facilities in Karachi. But doctors fear the number of critical cases will continue to rise. Their efforts to treat patients hamper by conspiracy theories and suspicions.

Rumors and Fears about COVID-19 in Pakistan

In addition to concerns about the quality of health care and aversion to quarantined family members, bizarre rumors are circulating, including allegations that the World Health Organization (WHO) pays doctors to label patients who have been mistaken for coronavirus. Theories may seem risky, but they have dangerous consequences, and not just for patients. There have been incidents at hospitals in Karachi, Peshawar, and Lahore, where family members of patients abuse staff.

A doctor from Karachi, who asked to remain anonymous, said a friend recently contacted her for medical advice. She said: “My son has the flu and fever, but I do not want to take him to the hospital because the doctors are fair.” Any fever to report is COVID, and they charge 500 rupees ($ 3; £ 2.40) per case. ”

Hospital and Emergency Care Needs

Security in the neighborhoods needs to be strengthened after many violent outbreaks recently. The events stem from a mixture of anger over the lack of resources and fear that doctors will secretly kill patients with toxic injections.

At the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center in Karachi, an isolation ward of a crowd destroys when a patient’s body was not immediately returned to the family. In Pakistan, according to Islamic tradition, funerals usually celebrate as early as possible with a large number of mourners; it is not possible if someone dies or suspects of dying of a coronavirus. Doctors fight coronavirus and ignorance.”

Is It Safe to Get Health Care during COVID-19

In a hospital case, a ventilator was not available for the member of a family, who was in critical condition and then died. A doctor on duty said that between 20 and 30 members of the group tried to attack the hospital staff. He said some of the relatives were angry: “If coronavirus is real … why not?”

Medical Workers in Pakistan are Dying of COVID-19

“Many patients try to stay at home. Only when the condition has deteriorated significantly do they go to the hospital,” says a chief physician in Quetta. As a result, many of his patients died shortly after arrival or in the ambulance. Hundreds of doctors have been infected with the coronavirus in Pakistan. A large number of health workers died.

At a large hospital in Peshawar, the entire gynecological ward temporarily closed after an outbreak among staff. A hospital doctor reported that about 100 of his colleagues had tested positive in general. Most of whom did not even work directly with coronavirus patients.

The Need for Key Medical Equipment to Fight COVID-19

In Karachi, a city of 15 million people, data show that there are only a few intensive care units for Covid-19 patients. In Lahore, a doctor said he was forced to reject a patient in need of a ventilator after being rejected by two other hospitals. Doctors from Peshawar and Quetta are under similar pressure.

Imran Khan asked people to follow the rules of social distancing. Face masks are mandatory in public. But he has sometimes quarreled with local authorities such as those in the opposition-controlled Sindh province, who was the first to impose strict restrictions on the movement in March.

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